THE Olsen Lab
hybird closeup

Graduate Alumni
*see Publications for resulting manuscripts

Kate Ruskin, PhD ('15) ~ Spatial and Temporal Variation in Demographic Rates and Niche across the Range of
___ a Species, the Saltmarsh Sparrow (Ammodramus caudacutus) (PDF)
Evan Adams, PhD ('14) ~ Using Migration Monitoring Data to Assess Bird Population Status and Behavior in a
___ Changing Environment (PDF)
David Grunzel, MS ('14) ~ Migratory Distance & Predation Risk as Drivers of Behavioral Tradeoff made by
___ Passerines during Fall Stopover (PDF)
Meghan Powell, MS ('13) ~ The Influence of Anthropomorphic Landscape Changes on the Wetland Birds of
___ Mount Desert Island, Maine (PDF)
Allison Byrd, MS ('13) ~ Common Loon (Gavia immer) Biogeography and Reproductive Success in an Era of
___ Climate Change (PDF)

Ellen Robertson, MS ('12) ~ Responses of Rail Productivity to Water Level Variability and Factors Affecting
___ Rail Broadcast Survey Results (PDF)

Undergraduate Theses
*see Publications for resulting manuscripts

Jill Tengeres ('15) ~ A validated bioacoustic technique to survey storm-petrel colonies
Andrea Santariello ('14) ~ Provisioning effects on the reproductive success of terns
Elijah Davis ('14) ~ Bay-breasted warbler territory quality on years without budworm
Mattie Paradise ('14) ~ Microbial ecology of sparrow eggs
Darlene Turcotte ('14) ~ Territorial defense in song sparrows
Jennie Wiacek ('13) ~ Bill dimorphism in sharp-tailed sparrows
Steven Marchessault ('12) ~ The Philosophy behind Demarcating Biology
Daniel LaBranche ('12) ~ Trends in the Migration Ecology of Raptors
Brian Crockett ('11) ~ The Nesting Ecology of Virginia Rails
Andrew McIntyre ('11) ~ The Avian Phenology of Off-Shore Islands
Jennifer Wharff ('11) ~ The Invertebrate Ecology of Acidified Landscapes
Matthew Pintar ('10) ~ The Population Ecology of Acidified Landscapes
Tabitha King ('10) ~ Habitat Choice in the Virginia Rail
Heather Szalkowski ('08) ~ Parental Defense in Tidal Marsh Sparrows
*Josh Felch ('05) ~ Parental Defense in Swamp Sparrows
*Irene Liu ('05) ~ Vocal Dialects in Swamp Sparrows

photo by W.G. Shriver
photo by K. Ruskin